Bulk Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

Tea is the second most-consumed beverage in the world, and it is not surprising because of its ease of preparation, ability to be drunk as a hot or a cold beverage, suitability as a drink during any time of the day and during any season in most of the countries around the world. Bulk tea exporters in Sri Lanka offer almost half of their total tea exports as bulk.

Top customers on bulk tea exporters in Sri Lanka such as Iran, Russia, Middle Eastern countries, Germany, Hong Kong etc. prefer to buy their tea in bulk form.

Black tea is mainly exported in bulk tea form. The processed black tea is securely filled in to water-proof packaging which will then be stacked in wooden boxes. Bulk tea is usually packed using barrier bags, metal containers, plastic, or polythene materials.

Bulk Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

Turning more towards the sustainability of tea trade we increasingly use biodegradable materials for packaging. Preparing bulk tea for shipping is important as the packs must be kept well away from any moisture and insects. With extensive experience with tea packaging, bulk tea exporters in Sri Lanka are very much skilled at choosing the right materials for a safe and healthy shipment.

A limited volume of other tea varieties - such as green tea and flavored tea - are exported as bulk, however they are mostly produced as tea bags.

Quality of Bulk Tea

Bulk tea exporters in Sri Lanka have gained reputation all around the globe for offering superior quality tea from the starting point of international business in the late 1800s. All relevant personnel in the Sri Lankan tea industry have worked hard and continue to do so to maintain the highest quality of tea.

ISO 3720 is the current minimum standard that is relevant for the bulk tea in the world market. Sri Lankan tea is identified as an “Ozone free” tea and, Tea & Spice hub has won many accolades for providing high quality tea in accordance with ISO, HSCCP, and EU standards.

Design & Packaging of Bulk Tea

When packaging is carried out, it must be ensured that the tea is not open or susceptible to moisture, insects and excessive air. Proper packaging is very important because bulk tea is prepared with the freshest of tea leaves plucked and processed to produce the most refreshing cup of tea. Packaging is done carefully by the bulk tea exporters in Sri Lanka with biodegradable materials which will protect the tea inside from harmful agents lurking outside. Thus packaged bulk tea will be shipped in large wooden cartons and when displayed in supermarkets they will be in cardboard, metal or paper packages with an attractive design to catch the eye of the buyer.

Bulk Tea Private Labeling

Tea & Spice Hub has its own labels for various tea products that we primarily supply. In addition to that, we are always prepared to serve private label bulk tea exporters with your own private labeling needs.

As per your requirement we can arrange bulk tea in secure materials which will then be packed into hardboard boxes or metal tins as per your wish. The outer material will be created with your unique brand design. We can accommodate your designs or assist you with creating a new one.

Talk to us about fair prices, high quality products, unique designs and more when it comes to bulk tea private labeling.

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