Ceylon Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

From the 1800s, tea exporters in Sri Lanka have gained an unreplaceable place in the global tea market. The favourable climatic and soil conditions throughout the island creates an ideal opportunity to grow different grades of tea; this paves way for the buyer to have their desired Ceylon tea grades, be it darker, stronger or mild tasted. Due to the high quality of the tea supplied from Sri Lanka, the international market holds high the list of Ceylon tea exporters. Even though China and India precede us in quantity, it is an acceptable fact that quality-wise, Ceylon tea varieties have no stronger rival.

Ceylon Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

Today, the tea auction handles 6,000-7,000 metric tons of tea per week for Ceylon tea exporters. Tea exporters in Sri Lanka supply black tea, green tea, flavoured tea and more. Colombo’s is the world’s largest single-origin tea auction with more than 150 years of experience in brokering and auctioning tea for the Ceylon tea exporters. Tea & Spice Hub has been a stellar partner of tea exporters in Sri Lanka for so many years and are proud to be carrying out the noble task of providing the best tea to the world.

Ceylon Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

Why Ceylon Tea

The English realised the value of this treasured island when they stepped-in during the 1700s.The soil, climate, ease of irrigation, skillful labour and the passion of Ceylon tea exporters to be a part of a success story, all paved way for the initiation of cultivation of tea, which was then passed on to the tea exporters in Sri Lanka today.

As the early Scottish planters speculated, the island is an oasis for commercial growth of Ceylon tea varieties. Today, tea exporters in Sri Lanka continue to produce and supply the finest Ceylon tea grades to the world, processed in the factories with immaculate machinery, brilliant know-how and years of experience.

Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka have ensured that Ceylon tea brings-in the satisfaction you crave after a hard day at work. Be it a cuppa black tea with milk, or an herbal tea with chamomile, the warm beverage will soothe down your senses and chase away any worries. Tea is medically proven to have a soothing effect. Consumed as the second-most preferred beverage in the world, most cannot imagine a day without a cup of tea.

Ceylon Tea Varieties

Ceylon tea varieties come in many forms. The most common supplied by the tea exporters in Sri Lanka is black tea, which is a dried and processed version of the tender leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. Black tea has gained vast popularity among all other Ceylon tea varieties as a beverage of leisure, where people come together and have built a culture and customs around it.

Green tea is a top contender among the Ceylon tea varieties. It is treated as a healthy drink, known to reduce the risk of cholesterol and bring in more of a light-weighted feeling to the body. Tea exporters in Sri Lanka have an increased demand for the dark green variety we offer.

White tea and golden tips are especially-made Ceylon tea varieties, which are dealt in smaller amounts.

Ceylon tea is also categorised based on the growing area; Dimbula, Uva, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Udu Pussellawa, Ruhuna and Sabaragamuwa areas have their own specific Ceylon tea varieties with inherent characteristics.

Ceylon Tea Grades

Ceylon tea grades come with its lion logo. Tea exporters in Sri Lanka can provide the preferred for you.

The well-known of the Ceylon tea grades is “BOP” - a neat, medium-sized leaf; there are related BOP varieties such as BOPF, smaller than BOP and BOP1, FBOP and FBOP 1 and so on. FBOPF is similar to the size of BOP but contains “tips” or the very young shoot.

PEKOE is a short, curly leaf among the Ceylon tea grades which is comparatively larger than PEKOE 1. OP or Orange Pekoe is a longer leaf with wiry, or twisted characteristics.

In addition to these Ceylon tea grades there are lower ones such as dust, BP, BM or Brokens and off grades.

Silver tips is a long leaf, slightly tippy and silver in colour. Golden tips are similarly long and tippy, but golden in colour. These are premium Ceylon tea grades which are sold in smaller quantities to private buyers.

Ceylon tea grades’ quality depends on the leaf size and features such as granular, wiry or “tippy”. Tea is also graded according to the geographical location they are gown in. The nomenclature of Ceylon tea grades is internationally accredited.

What we offer in Ceylon Tea ?

Ceylon tea comes in various grades and types. Ceylon tea exporters exclusively deal with only the best of the teas and provide it to the customer in any way they like, be it packed or bagged.

The authentic black tea offered by the Ceylon tea exporters awards you the opportunity of enjoying a nice hot tea, despite the way you prepare it. It is customary to boil water to a 100 degrees and let the tea brew there a while before you add any other complimentary such as sugar or lemon. This process is made easier with the tea bags; an innovation of the Americans, tea bags contain just the right amount to be brewed for a single tea hence making your task of preparation easier. Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka have mastered adding value to loose tea as well as tea bags with different infusions.

Our experienced staff are very much conversant with selection and packaging of tea. Even if it comes as bulk tea or a pack of tea bags, it is certain to give you the refreshment you seek.

Ceylon Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

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