Coffee Exporters in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has embarked on a new journey to be recognised as a leading coffee exporter after the unfortunate incident with devastating Emily or the well-known fungal disease which took over coffee cultivations of whole of Asia in late 1800s. The lush mountain areas of Sri Lanka provide all that the plants need; from tea and coffee to spices and fruits produce a very high quality harvest. Among others, there are now best coffee exporters in Sri Lanka who have tried and won with the new disease-tolerant varieties.

In recent years close to 600 tons of coffee were exported from Sri Lanka.

Coffee Exporters in Sri Lanka

The rich chocolaty taste of the recently cultivated Sri Lanka coffee, with its impeccable processing have led an increased global demand.

Try out the Arabica or Robusta coffees from Sri Lanka. The experience of organically grown, freshly harvested and processed coffee will have you wanting more of the same.

Coffee Exporters in Sri Lanka

Why Ceylon Coffee

Grown amongst the high elevations of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka coffee is fortunate enough to have owned a place in this paradise island as an ever improving commercial plant. With the rain at the right times and farmers with extensive experience in growing Sri Lanka coffee, the beautiful red berries don’t fail to come out, glowing like Christmas bulbs.

While the climate assists with the production of internationally accredited coffee, highly standardized processing levels also lead to the production of some of the best coffee Asia has to offer. You can taste the strong rich notes of Sri Lankan authentic coffee along with the chocolaty undertones. Coffee Exporters in Sri Lanka have tried out with the new plant varieties and are now equipped with the finest of the blends. Sri Lankan authorities and agricultural experts have extended a helpful hand to ensure we will have the best coffee exporters in Sri Lanka yet again.

Coffee Varieties

There are two main varieties grown as Sri Lanka coffee, i.e. Arabica and Robusta.

Robusta is dry processed and has an African origin. Arabica is of Ethiopian origin and possesses a high quality flavour and aroma. They fetch a higher price in the market as well. Coffee Exporters in Sri Lanka also grow “Liberica”, a larger bush compared to the other two varieties of which the coffee has a somewhat bitter taste. Although it's not grown in commercial levels, Liberica has a demand in the Middle East countries and Malaysia.

Both Sri Lanka coffee varieties are processed under dry or wet method. Under both of these methods berries are carefully harvested, and dried with the natural goodness of the sunlight to bring out the best taste in the seeds. They are then roasted to various levels to produce the coffee beans. Both Arabica and Robusta have a heightening demand due to their renewed flavours.

Coffee Grades

Coffee pundits around the world are in love with the Sri Lanka coffee, “Arabica”, especially because they are grown in high elevations, smaller farms that are of single origin and processed with utmost care. Coffee also undergoes a sensory analysis or in coffee terms “coffee cupping”. The score must be above 82 points for a certain variety to be a specialty coffee.

Sri Lanka coffee have scored above 86 points due to the berry and nutty flavour notes and the chocolaty undertones. This is strong proof of the authentic and natural supreme quality of Sri Lanka coffee.

Due to the unmatched quality levels the ever-increasing coffee market of the world poses an ideal opportunity for the growers and coffee exporters in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka coffee exports have risen, growing from 84% and reaching almost 355,000 USD in 2019 in revenue. Most small holders are into organic farming and sustainable methods of cultivation which improves their chances of being highlighted at the global market.

Coffee Exporters in Sri Lanka

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