Herbal Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

In 2018 it was estimated that the global annual consumption of tea forecast for 2021 is 297 billion liters. Tea is undoubtedly the most desirable beverage around the world. Apart from the refreshing, soothing qualities of a cup of tea, it brings-in the medicinal aspects and herbal tea exporters in Sri Lanka have come up with varied concoctions for the same.

In addition to black tea, which is most widely consumed, Herbal teas have now faced a welcoming market. Herbal tea hails from centuries ago, in fact that is how tea came in to be in the first place. Even though tea was identified as a more stimulating drink with time, its herbal qualities cannot and must not be forgotten.

Herbal Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

Thus our herbal tea, mixed with many other medicinal herbs, strives to bring out the perfect balance your body needs. With this comprehension the demand for herbal and specialty teas has risen considerably. Herbal tea manufacturers in Sri Lanka have innovated various herbal teas to fulfill the demand while preserving its therapeutic qualities.

Herbal Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

Why Herbal Tea

Many regions in the world have traditional drinks that help to keep a healthy body and mind. Tea is heavily used along with leaves from other plants, infused with herbs and spices to produce these drinks. Tea itself is full of bio-chemicals that are rich in antioxidants Theaflavins and Thearubigins. They help reduce the “bad” cholesterol levels in the body. Tea also contains only half the amount of caffeine in coffee. Thus it is capable of boosting the immunity system without any harmful effects brought in by caffeine.

Herbal teas come with additives that contain great health properties, for e.g. cholesterol tea is combined with lemon, ginger, cloves and more. These agents work to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body. The antioxidants are thought to be helping with free radicals and possibly reduce chances of terminal illnesses such as cancer and heart diseases.

Herbal teas bring you the goodness of tea, merged with other plant-based nutrients for a healthy life.

Herbal Tea Varieties

Also known as “tisane”, herbal tea is now proven by modern science to have valuable medicinal properties. True tea, or tea brewed from the leaves of Camellia sinensis plant, what we know and drink as black tea, iced tea or green tea is different from these herbal teas, in that they are either infused with other plants, herbs, spices and/ or flowers.

Our offer of herbal teas comprises of cholesterol tea, beauty tea, calming tea, detox tea, energy tea, Vitamin C tea, and slim tea. All these are geared towards making your body a stronger, healthier adobe. In addition to these, there are many herbal tea varieties such as chamomile tea, hibiscus tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea and so on. Although not specifically named so, our herbal teas have conveniently included the goodness of all these herbs. Ginger is part of our cholesterol tea, and detox tea includes the great healing powers of iramusu, nelli and ranawara.

Herbal Tea Grades

Tea is generally graded by the size of the leaf and its location on the tea bush, i.e. young shoots or leaves from a more advanced stage. Herbal tea manufacturers in Sri Lanka have obtained a certificate of high quality due to the constant adherence to tea production using the most succulent and young shoots. Although black tea is graded based on the fineness of the leaf size after processing, green tea is graded based on mainly its taste and origin; in that Sri Lankan green tea has won the hearts of millions of tea lovers due to its dark green colour and strong taste.

Ceylon Herbal tea is prepared the same way with the very first, high quality shoots from the tea bushes grown in the central hills of Sri Lanka. Herbal tea exporters in Sri Lanka ensure the finest quality by strict adherence to this. Any plant-additive is a testimony to the goodness that is brought by a concoction of green nutrition as the spices, flowers and herbs are also grown in the rich, fertile soil of Sri Lankan spice forests.

What we offer in Herbal tea ?

Cholesterol tea is aiming at reducing “bad” cholesterol levels in the blood. Cholesterol can lead to terminal illnesses such as heart diseases and liver failure. While being careful of what you eat, some tea would give you a boost in the right direction.

Beauty is something we all crave! Our beauty tea targets to give you a glowing skin and rosier outlook.

Tea always have a soothing, calming effect. Our calming tea has this packed tenfold and will give you not only a refreshed feeling but also some peace of mind after a hot cup.

What we eat makes us; today most of the food items contain adverse chemicals that we are not aware about. A cup of detox tea can take care of that problem for you. Energy tea is geared towards giving you more “get-go” power and Vitamin C tea is all about its inherent goodness of healing and powering an active lifestyle. Slim tea is a tasty way to help you stay in your desired size!

Read below for more details on each tea.

Herbal Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

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