Speciality Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

Whilst Sri Lanka ranks second on the value of the tea export volumes, it is a well-known fact that Ceylon tea surpasses any other tea and is number one when it comes to quality. Specialty or artisan tea is a relatively new aspect which the specialty tea exporters in Sri Lanka have innovated.

As the name implies specialty teas are exclusively prepared with premium tea leaves and specialised processes. The teas are considered luxury and are developed in very small quantities for a niche market. However it is a growing sector and has reached a high level of global interest that Sri Lanka is having more and more potential to fulfill.

Speciality Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka

Specialty Tea Exporters in Sri Lanka have a better opportunity at leading this tea industry as we produce several grades and varieties of tea in different areas of the island. It takes years of experience to bring up a smaller plantation and tend to the plants in the exact manner to get the results of silver or golden tips, or white tea. The creators of these artisan teas are rare even in the tea nation of Sri Lanka. Therefore the current specialty tea market is covered by a small number and Tea & Spice Hub is a proud supplier therein.

Quality of Speciality Tea

Specialty teas include golden tips, silver tips, white tea, organic tea, oolong tea and flavoured desert teas etc.

Silver tips or tea made with the very young shoot of the tea bush that are quite rare and specialty tea exporters in Sri Lanka price them at $250-1500 per kilogram. It is one of the most expensive teas in the world. On the other hand it is prepared with so much care that the artisans’ human hands don't even touch the tea leaves in the fear of natural body oil being transferred to them. They contain more than 10% antioxidants, a significant increase than normal black tea. The artisan or specialty teas are naturally only available in a very few specialised and upper level markets and could be afforded by a very few.

Design & Packaging of Speciality Tea

Specialty teas come in a different packaging to enhance the value added qualities of the product. Since specialty teas are dealt only in very small amounts by the specialty tea exporters in Sri Lanka, they are mostly sold in loose tea form. Tea lovers all around the world are quite fond of these exceptional tasting tea thus spending quite a large sum on buying very small amounts of it. To make it a tribute to these true tea lovers the design and packaging have been curated to depict the best value for the considerable sums they pay. Most of the time metal containers are used which are delicately designed so it is easy for the niche buyers to spot it outside of the normal day-to-day supermarkets.

Speciality Tea Private Labeling

There is an increased demand for specialty teas from all around the world as the story of its properties and flavours spread. These artisan teas bring about a different level of satisfaction to the buyer, for e.g. due to being in-line with the principles such as organic and sustainable cultivation. Or responsible agriculture where the workers are authentically cared for. The behaviour of the day-to-day consumer is changing as their tastes improve and this has led to an increase of demand for specialty teas particularly in the context of the promotion of organic farming and resistance to fertilizer and pesticides.

Under this, in addition to dealing the specialty teas under our own brand, we are willing and able to customise the packaging for the needs of private label specialty tea exporters. You can pick and choose from the many options that are available and decide on your own branding and labeling. We'll take the wheel from there and let you have an attractive design and your own brand of tea.

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