Spice Exporters in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is well known for its rich heritage of growing and using spices to make food tastier. Use of spices has become a refreshing take on many dishes in the West, further to their realisation of how much more flavoursome food can be with oriental spices.

Spice Exporters in Sri Lanka offer the finest of Ceylon cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and more to the global market. Ceylon spices are so popular that there are “spice tours” organised to visit the farms and home gardens they are grown in. One secret behind the authentic taste is the small home gardens that are cared for with much fervour.

Spice Exporters in Sri Lanka

The true organic cultivation methods and unique taste inherited due to the tropical climate have made Ceylon spices the leading contender in the global market.

Due to the inimitability of authentic spices, the prices of many are quite high. For e.g. Cinnamon Exporters in Sri Lanka enjoy exclusive market share and a good revenue for “true Ceylon Cinnamon”.

Spice Exporters in Sri Lanka

Why Ceylon Spice

Most of the sought-out spices grow better in a wet-and-hot-climate such as Sri Lanka. For e.g. Ceylon cinnamon is known as “true Cinnamon” indicating the hereditary characteristics of the plant. Pepper from Sri Lanka consists of a specific bio-chemical which is unique to it, that gives the tangy-spicy flavour. Cloves have high levels of oil content and the “Queen of Spice”, cardamom is a must-have for many food items including dessert, also used in manufacture of medicine.

What is exceptional about spices is that, if the particular ingredient is not used in the right amounts, you won’t get the expected outcome. Many chefs insist on authentic Ceylon spices due to this very reason. That, and only that, will usher-in the unique taste, desired aroma, and make the dishes so mouthwatering for patrons. The sun-kissed gardens, lush soil, ample rain and careful tending ensures Ceylon spices are the best of the best and spice exporters in Sri Lanka work tirelessly with the farmers to bring you that high quality goods.

Ceylon Spice Varieties

Sri Lanka is the largest producer and exporter of cinnamon in the world. Cinnamon Exporters in Sri Lanka treasure the Ceylon Cinnamon, which is an indigenous plant to Sri Lanka. It fulfills 90% of the world demand and is used not only in food industry, but also in pharmaceuticals, perfumes and cosmetics. The unique quality, aroma and flavour puts cinnamon at the top of list for spice exporters in Sri Lanka.

Pepper is another spice variety offered from Sri Lanka which is highly sought out for its piperine content and elevated piquancy. Cardamom and cloves are used in many food items. Especially Indian cuisine allows these to be shone through the undertones of a food item’s flavour nicely. Sri Lankan Cardamom is the light green variety, and is grown in what’s known as “spice forests”. There are so many other spice varieties which come under Ceylon spices including, but not limited to Nutmeg, Ginger, Coriander, Fenugreek, Garlic, Gamboge, Cumin and Fennel.

Ceylon Spice Grades

The fact that Sri Lanka is within the top 10 of spice exporters - with an annual volume of 30,000 MT valued at USD 361 million in 2018 - speaks of the high quality of Ceylon spices. Cinnamon is the most traded spice among all with spice exporters in Sri Lanka fulfilling 90% of the “True Cinnamon” demand of the world. There are four major grades of cinnamon - Continental, Alba, Hamburg and Mexican – which are categorised by the quill diameter. Alba is the most expensive with a diameter of 6mm. Cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka also trade it as value-added products such as powder, oil and tablets. Ceylon true Cinnamon is a mandatory ingredient in Mexican chocolates, who is the main exporter of it.

Pepper is also graded high due its specific bio-chemical composition. Cardamom is supplied as the full pod, oil or powder. Two main grades Sri Lankan cardamom are “Lanka Green” and “Lanka Light Green”. Both are highly sought-out worldwide. Highest grade of Cloves is considered as the hand-picked variety; Ceylon cloves are the forerunner in this category.

What we offer in Spice ?

Tea & Spice Hub trades the best of the spices the island has to offer. Our cinnamon is grown in the mild climates and carefully processed after harvesting in extracting the bark and producing the “quills”, which is then sealed in water-proof packaging to be shipped out. This is carried out by our local farmers who are tacitly aware of the best practices under the purview of Cinnamon Exporters in Sri Lanka.

The “true cinnamon” from Sri Lanka is loved by ardent spice lovers around the world. Our spices are cultivated and processed in a responsible manner keeping in mind our responsibility to the environment and society. Even in this high-tech era, we believe in the traditional methods to bring out the finest quality of the products. We are committed to the sustainable practices of the yester-year, passed down from generation to generation and ensure that the products offered have followed stringent quality checks to fulfill the ultimate objectives of our end customer.

Spice Exporters in Sri Lanka

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