Sweetmeat Exporters in Sri Lanka

Sweetmeats hold a special place in all Sri Lankan hearts. The rich aroma of preparation of “kevum” (oil cakes), “kokis” and various other items signal the eminent arrival of the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year, the annual harvest festival of Sri Lanka. In addition to this national event, Sri Lankan sweetmeats are also prepared for special occasions such as weddings and other celebrations.

Sri Lankan sweetmeats have an extensive history. The great chronicle Mahavamsa and several other ancient texts mention preparing of various sweetmeats and offering them to kings and the clergy. Sweetmeats are prepared in different methods in different regions, however they all taste great!

Sweetmeat Exporters in Sri Lanka

Not only the Sinhalese but also the Hindus/ Tamils of Sri Lanka have their own inherent cookies and cakes for various occasions.

Tea & Spice Hub now offers this experience in hygienically prepared sweetmeats for any sweet lover living abroad, be it a Sri Lankan or a foreigner. Instead of waiting to get home to taste the yummy morsels, now you can get them to your doorstep with the Sri Lankan Sweetmeat Exporters.

Sweetmeat Exporters in Sri Lanka

Our Sweetmeats

Tea & Spice Hub has an array of Sri Lankan sweetmeats available for you to choose from. We always use the best ingredients in their preparation. Early Sri Lankans grew what they ate, and reared the animals for other ingredients. Oil cakes were prepared with natural rice flour which came from our own fields, sweetness was added with treacle or jaggery from the trees in the backyard. Oil used to fry the sweetmeats also came from the coconut trees grown by the same farmer, or a nearby oil extraction plant. For any Sri Lankan sweetmeat which milk as an ingredient, the household cattle were the source. The items were prepared by our mothers who has years of experience in adding just the right amount of honey and flour.

We adhere to these same guidelines, tried and tested for centuries. All health and safety procedures are strictly adhered to and we guarantee you a delicious experience with the traditional Sri Lankan sweetmeats.

Sweetmeat Varieties

Sri Lankan sweetmeat exporters offer various types of oil cakes (“kevum” – Konda kevum, mung kevum etc.) Unduwal, Dodol, Kokis and more.

Kevum is an all-time favourite and a must-have at all traditional celebrations. The most difficult is the “konda” kevum, literally meaning “oil cake with hair” which requires a considerable level of skill and patience to have a successful outcome.

Unduwal (also known as “Pani Walalu” or honey rings) are a sort of confectionery made with black gram flour and rice flour blended, and dipped in treacle. This particular sweetmeat is well known to be from the Central province of the island.

“Dodol” is a sweet which takes quite a long time to prepare and involves mastery in doing do. Its ingredients are jaggery, coconut milk and rice flour. An ode to the time and skill spent on making it, it tastes heavenly when done.

There are so many more sweetmeats when it comes to this paradise island. Whichever you prefer, we at Tea & Spice Hub are more than willing to bring hygienically prepared sweets to gratify your taste buds.

Sweetmeat Exporters in Sri Lanka

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