Tea Bag Exporters in Sri Lanka

The Americans found the concept of tea bags, which is a small pack of tea that is sufficient for a single serving attached to a thread for ease of dipping into the water. Tea Bag Exporters in Sri Lanka export a considerable amount of their total production in tea bags. Due to the ease of use, demand for tea bags in the international market has risen. Not only black tea - which has the highest demand all around the world - but also herbal teas, flavored teas and green tea have been on-demand by the tea lovers around the world.

Tea Bag Exporters in Sri Lanka take special care when preparing tea as tea bags.

Tea Bags Exporters in Sri Lanka

We take all necessary precautions to complete a hygienic production cycle. Our tea bags come in a foil paper material with the thread attached to it by Mylar tape rather than a stapler pin which can be susceptible to rust. The material of the tea bag itself is chosen based on the international standards and research results. It is ensured the bag can “breathe” but won’t dissolve when dipped in hot water.

A collection of tea bags will be contained in a hardboard box or a metal can.

Quality of Tea Bags

Tea leaves used in tea bags are similarly produced and processed from the highest quality tea from single origin tea estates scattered in the central mountains of Sri Lanka. Be it black tea, green tea or a flavoured version they all start at the fresh, young shoots of the Camellia sinensis plants that are grown in the cool climes and watchful eyes of our own farmers.

Flavoured or herbal tea will be processed with the most stringent of safety steps and hygienic processes. The foil paper used in the tea bags has been tried and tested by the Tea bag exporters in Sri Lanka to result in the best brewing experience and the amount of tea contained in one bag has been certified as the ideal amount for a single serving.

Design & Packaging of Tea Bags

Packaging of tea bags has to be done with care and experience. The package material must be equipped to keep away any agent which can make the tea unsuitable for use. For example any amount of moisture, too much salty air or excessive handling are not good for the tea bags. Therefore we at Tea & Spice Hub have has taken all necessary precautions to use the perfect materials for tea bags. Tea Bag Exporters in Sri Lanka have paid special attention to the design, and made it quite attractive with colours that stand out in any supermarket shelf. The tea carries the proud lion logo of Ceylon tea, which is in itself a testimony to the highest quality we adhere to.

Tea Bags Private Labeling

Similar to bulk tea we are more than willing to help you with private labeling of tea bags. Tea bags have an additional advantage when it comes to branding as the bag itself can be branded. Even the tag could be adorned with your colours and the logo of your choice included. In addition to that the hardboard packaging or, per your wish the metal container can also be used to communicate your brand message to the potential customers. Private label tea bag exporters struggle when it comes to authentic products and genuine packaging efforts. With Tea & Spice Hub, you have come to the right place for private labelling.

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