Tea Packs Exporters in Sri Lanka

Even though black tea has gained a wider audience especially among the Middle Eastern countries who are the biggest fans of Ceylon tea, with the introduction of various other tea varieties, demand has risen for flavoured tea, herbal tea and flavoured green tea as well. If you prefer a variety of flavours or thinking of trying out more than one tea flavour to decide one you would continue buying, tea packs offered by Tea & Spice Hub are the best option. These Tea packs contain an array of teas from fruity flavoured, spice flavored, and herbal tea to black and green tea varieties. It is ideal as a gift item or for a celebration or event with a larger party of people where each person can have their own favorite flavour or try out a new one.

Tea Packs Exporters in Sri Lanka

Tea Pack Exporters in Sri Lanka have found out this option to be a favourite among the tea lovers due to the opportunity to test newer varieties of tea without wasting the product or their money. As tea packs come with more than a single tea variety, such as black tea or green tea, one gets to taste flavours such as chamomile tea, mint tea, hibiscus tea, cinnamon tea, or Chai Tea at the expense of one tea pack.

Quality of Tea Packs

All the flavoured tea packs are prepared by our tea connoisseurs with years of experience and astringent tea tasting procedures. The exact amount of flavours to be added have been adjusted to suit your palate precisely. Some tips when trying out the various teas that come in a tea pack are; you may or may not use sugar with the flavoured teas; it is best to use lukewarm water when it comes to green tea; do not brew the tea for too long. Ceylon tea has been modified by the tea pack exporters in Sri Lanka to bring you these teas while preserving its finest quality.

Try out different flavours on different occasions and times of day. A green tea after a heavy meal and a chamomile tea after a hard day's work to calm you down will be the best of the choices.

Design & Packaging of Tea Packs

Our designers have done extensive research and have been quite successful when it comes to packaging of tea packs. Tea Pack Exporters in Sri Lanka mix and match different brews to be in a single pack. If it is a fruity flavoured tea pack, the variety of flavours will be depicted beautifully with bright colours and attractive designs on the hardboard packaging that are used. If you prefer a metal container with different flavours of tea, you can try classic tins which comes in various colors, sizes and designs. Tea pack exporters in Sri Lanka also design these as a valuable gift item at any occasion.

Tea Packs Private Labeling

A private labeling of tea packs containing various different flavors of tea bags can make a very attractive product. According to the requirements of any private label tea pack exporters we can design a beautiful packaging and include a collection of teas as per your wish. You can discuss with us about the design and print to manufacture your own, or we can help you with the best design for your private label tea assortment pack.

Talk to us on the best tea varieties and flavours to be coupled, material to use for packaging and eye-catching designs for the best sales experience of private label tea pack exporters.

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